nThrive CarePricer Integrated for Patient Access

CarePricer® updated to better serve Patient Access needs

When patients know their costs upfront, collections improve, and the level of patient satisfaction increases.

Accurate patient estimates at the point of service

Updates to nThrive™ CarePricer patient estimate solution includes several new features to help health care organizations better meet patient access needs. Using historical claims data, as well as provider contract and benefit information, CarePricer provides accurate patient estimates at the point of access that are within 90 percent of the final bill. Patients appreciate knowing out-of-pocket costs in advance and payments are easier to collect upfront versus billing after the fact.

Why CarePricer?

  • Speeds patient estimates with updated technology that is up to 30 percent faster
  • Complies with pricing transparency requirements through quick shopper quotes
  • Improves collections to avoid bad debt by adding your patient’s prior uncollected balance to their new estimates
  • Enhances staff productivity with automated estimates for outpatient diagnostic procedures and e-learning
  • Improves visibility to manage performance with a KPI dashboard, and the ability to distribute and schedule reports in multiple formats
  • Streamlines patient financial clearance with a single sign-on and intuitive workflow within a unified patient access system
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