The Value of a Complete Coding Quality Audit Program

A strong coding quality audit program is one of the top defenses against risk, exposure and low reimbursements.

Create your coding audit program strategy for success

TRUE OR FALSE: One coding audit annually, based on a random sample of 30 charts per coder, ensures accurate documentation and coding practices in a health organization. FALSE. In 2018, increasing scrutiny on accurate reporting and reimbursement means greater exposure and possible consequences. Complex government legislation and regulations could inhibit complete, accurate documentation and coding outcomes. Annual coding audits are not enough to safeguard your organization from risk of noncompliance.

A coding quality audit plan that includes frequent audits, using different chart selection methodologies, results in the most complete, well-rounded compliance program with little to no risk, and yields additional benefits including accurate reimbursements.

Listen to this nThrive webinar, “The Value of a Complete Coding Quality Audit Program,” worth one CEU, at no cost. nThrive Coding Audit Director Lisa Marks discusses how to build and maintain a strong Quality Coding Audit program that results in dramatically reduced risk threats and regulatory exposure, accurate CMI and reimbursements, precise SOI/risk of mortality and a complete and accurate database offering benefits beyond reimbursement.


Lisa Marks

Director of Client Audit

Lisa Marks, RHIT, CCS is director of client audits at nThrive. She is well versed in all aspects of HIM, HIM technology and auditing solutions, and successfully leads the team that helps clients improve processes, attain established benchmarks and improve organizational financial health.

Marks has been a presenter on Talk 10 Tuesdays and numerous webinars where her clear, concise and innovative approach to clinical audits is well received by audiences. Her white paper, The Value of a Complete Coding Quality Audit Program, has been the basis of many professional dialogues and engagements.

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