Defending Your Chargemaster

Defending Your Chargemaster

The Chargemaster is the heartbeat of the revenue cycle. Keep it healthy. Here’s how.

Learn how to define your Chargemaster, consider current industry trends and patterns, address areas of potential risk for hospitals, learn risk areas and develop a plan to proactively defend your CDM structure, negotiate payor contracts and how to develop an internal audit and monitoring program. Understand your payor contracts and how net revenue is impacted.

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Rebecca Marsh

Vice President, Business Health Solutions, nThrive

Rebecca Marsh, offers 25 years of revenue cycle experience and 14 years at nThrive, with a focus on charge description master, charge capture, process redesign, accounting compliance, financial operations, and audit. Marsh is the leading subject matter expert in the Advisory Services practice. Her expertise includes helping clients improve compliance, standardized CDM structure, confront accuracy and completeness of charge capture and coding, and identify potential missed revenue opportunities. Marsh is a certified professional coder and holds a certification in health care compliance.

Kyle Sherseth

Senior Manager, Business Health Solutions, nThrive

Kyle Sherseth, offers more than 10 years of experience in revenue cycle optimization, insurance reimbursement, accuracy, and revenue cycle process improvement. He lends his reimbursement expertise and strategic pricing reviews that protect and improve client revenue while increasing the defensibility of charge description master pricing. Sherseth is a certified health care financial professional through the HFMA Association.