Revenue cycle outsourcing as a viable option

Revenue cycle outsourcing as a viable option

While outsourcing revenue cycle operations may seem like a big leap, it is how a growing number of health care organizations are improving operational efficiency and return. In this webinar, nThrive expert Erica Franko discusses the challenges facing today’s hospitals and why outsourcing is a viable option to help improve margin. She cites three major benefits to partnering with a Revenue Cycle Management vendor:

  • Expert advisory services and revenue knowledge on demand
  • Trained Revenue Cycle Management staff at scale
  • Effective revenue cycle optimization, data and reporting

Watch our webinar to learn why the 2000s may well be defined as the decade for RCM outsourcing, with a recent Black survey citing 80 percent of hospitals as vetting or considering full revenue cycle management outsourcing by 2019.


Erica Franko

Senior Vice President, Advisory Services, Analytics and Assessments, nThrive

Erica Franko leads an nThrive team of experts who partner with health care organizations across the nation to address revenue cycle issues impacting profitability and patient satisfaction.

An experienced health care executive, Franko has held progressive leadership roles in strategy and operational transformation, most recently at MedAssets-Precyse and Accenture. She also worked in academic physician operations at UPMC, the largest medical and behavioral health services provider and insurer in western Pennsylvania.

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