nThrive Payment Variance Webinar

nThrive Webinar:

Health Solutions for Improved Payor Contract Pricing and Modeling

Complex commercial payor contracts, payment methodologies and professional market shifts are all adding obstacles to effectively managing expected reimbursement in health care. In fact, 50 percent of payment discrepancies are due to underpayments derived from these factors. As revenue pressures increase, health care providers should look at the bigger picture of payment variance trends to unveil the root causes of inappropriate payments and to proactively model for future contracts to drive expected reimbursement.

In this educational nThrive webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn how contract management is central to your revenue cycle needs
  • Discover best practices around payment variance
  • Identify common barriers that affect the ability to accurately model contracts
  • Receive actionable tips on timely pricing, modeling and analytics
  • Learn how to establish a payment variance program to audit payor performance


John Wallace

Director, Contract Management Strategies, nThrive

With 25 years of experience in the health care industry, John is an experienced leader successfully guiding nThrive clients across the country through implementations to best practice environments, optimizing the features of the Contract Manager suite of products to ensure efficiency and increased revenue. John joined nThrive in 2001 and currently services as the Director of Contract Management Strategies, participating in onsite client demonstrations, assessments, optimization, continued education and ongoing support for our clients.

Between 2008-2010, John worked as a consultant with a 7-hospital health system in Southern California where he served as Director of Managed Care & Business Office. John’s primary responsibilities was maintaining Contract Manager, managing a team of 30 staff members responsible for collections and denials, increasing revenue and supporting contract negotiations using the Contract Modeler solution.

Prior to joining nThrive, John worked for a large multi-physician group as Director of Operation managing 1,200 multi-specialty physicians.

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