Strengthen your coding quality audit program to defend against risk, exposure and low reimbursements.

Create a coding audit program that drives success

A strong coding audit program is top defense against non-compliance and low revenue

When it comes to coding audits, early detection can directly impact ROI in the short and long term and ensure compliance.

The increased scrutiny on accurate reporting and reimbursement means greater exposure and possible consequences. Complex government legislation and regulations could inhibit complete, accurate documentation and coding outcomes. Annual coding audits are not enough to safeguard your organization from risk of noncompliance.

Read the executive guide, “The Value of a Complete Coding Quality Audit Program.” Build and maintain a strong Quality Coding Audit program that results in dramatically reduced risk threats and regulatory exposure, accurate CMI and reimbursements, precise SOI/risk of mortality, and a complete and accurate database offering benefits beyond reimbursement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build a solid coding compliance plan that addresses current challenges
  • Plan and prepare for a coding audit
  • Achieve the top benefits of an audited, accurate and complete database
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