The Chargemaster – Accuracy is Key

A charge description master (CDM) is the foundation for a revenue cycle and its integrity is vital to financial health. Accuracy is critical to promote correct patient bills, optimum revenue and compliance with Medicare rules. Maintenance is a challenge; between quarterly regulatory updates and frequent service changes, the CDM can change daily. 

External compliance and chart reviews by nThrive CDM experts offer the best solution for revenue cycle vitality. What goes into a CDM Compliance Review by nThrive?

  • Assess 100 percent of inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy and supply line items
  • Conduct in-depth conferences with clinical departments
  • Evaluate charge capture processes
  • Identify missing billable services
  • Deliver actionable feedback for targeted improvement efforts

Promote Revenue Integrity

CDM Compliance Reviews help avoid denials, revenue loss, fraud/abuse allegations, scrutiny and more. 

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