An accurate, compliant and automated chargemaster provides the crucial sustenance for a successful price transparency program.

Discover how nThrive CDM Master can help you achieve revenue cycle success and optimize financial outcomes. We deliver a complete, web-based chargemaster that covers inpatient and outpatient charge items for the entire CDM.

Did you know? nThrive CDM Master integrates with Epic Cerner EHRs. One client’s manager of Revenue Integrity, whose health care organization integrated CDM Master with Epic, shared, “The new Epic CDMM (CDM Master) built will improve the tool utilization and value for us, based on the improved mapping between the client’s data and CDMM. Just last month I was able to successfully address the BP CPT reports by accepting the recommendations for hundreds of line items after making corrections in the host system.

- Manager Revenue Integrity of a major health care system

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