Introducing Revenue Cycle Analyzer

Webinar on Demand: Experience Revenue Cycle Analyzer

Seeing is believing with nThrive's new Revenue Cycle Analyzer (RCA). Watch this webinar for a guided tour of what end-to-end visibility looks like to monitor overall performance. We'll show you firsthand how this powerful technology aggregates data across disparate sources, putting all the information you need into one place to help you make informed decisions.

You'll see our consolidated dashboard that includes:

  • Cash % of goal
  • Unbilled days
  • Overall financial performance
  • Volumes
  • AR metrics (percent of debit AR > 90 days)
  • Adjustments

We'll drill down into adjustments, showing you:

  • Total adjustments
  • Bad debt
  • Contractual adjustments
  • Admin adjustments
  • Charity
  • Denials trending over time

Using our Denials Analyzer add-on, you'll also see how to drill down further, getting to root cause issues via common denial reasons.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit by using RCA and other nThrive analytics solutions, email us at or call (678) 323-2500.