Patient and Provider Survey - 2019

In this insightful study, Patientco set out to explore how providers and patients perceive the health care financial experience, surveying more than 50 providers at large health systems, most with more than 350 beds, as well as 200 patients. Survey findings uncovered key disconnects that could be holding organizations back. 

For instance, while billing and payment experiences matter to 79% of patients when choosing a provider, more than 50% of providers said they are not investing in consumer-friendly payment technologies this year. Equally alarming was a strong desire – 99% – by patients for pre-service communications about costs and payment options, with just 10% of providers addressing this as a priority.

Identifying what patients want is the first step toward constructive change. Download the Patientco survey today to gain the honest insight you need to better meet patient financial experience needs.

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