Practical Strategies for Denials Prevention Across the Revenue Cycle – Part 1

Denials are a significant drain of revenue for health care providers; up to 50% are not recovered.

To collect the reimbursements owed to your organization, you must implement a system that eliminates the causes of denials.

To learn more, watch part one of our two-part on-demand webinar, “Practical Strategies for Denials Prevention Across the Revenue Cycle”.

The most cost-efficient method for ensuring full reimbursement from payors is to prevent denied claims or reduced reimbursement altogether. A sound denials prevention program can help health care providers tackle the rising cost of care, fund new technology or services and retain top health care talent. Learn the strategies for success in part one of a two-part webinar series. Part one – 22 minutes.


Gina Stinson

Vice President, Managed Care Services, nThrive

Stinson is a seasoned health care executive and has collaborated with hospitals and health systems for more than 30 years, with a focus on denial prevention for the past few years.

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