Practical Strategies for Denials Prevention Across the Revenue Cycle – Part 2

An automated process is one of the most effective methodologies for denials prevention.

To find success with a denials prevention process, you must implement the right tools and procedures.

To learn more, watch Part 1 of our on-demand webinar, “Practical Strategies for Denials Prevention Across the Revenue Cycle”.

From patient registration through billing, there are opportunities for automation and processes to avoid the mistakes that cause denials. Recover that lost revenue without appealing claims – eliminate the stumbling blocks in your processes to avoid payor denials nearly altogether. Part two – 26 minutes.


Bill Knox

Vice President, Product Management, nThrive

Knox is a health care executive at nThrive and has collaborated with hospitals and health systems for more than 25 years, with a focus on building tools that optimize denial management.

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