Work Smarter and Faster with Robotic Process Automation

In this On Demand webinar, "Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Work Smarter & Faster," Andrew Woughter, nThrive senior vice president of Product Strategy, explains what RPA is and how it can help your health care organization become more efficient, especially at a time of unprecedented change due to COVID-19.

During the session, you'll learn:

  • How to get started with RPA to improve processes
  • Types of tasks that can be quickly automated to achieve rapid gains
  • Where RPA is being utilized in health care today

Sound too good to be true? One of our clients — a large 50+ hospital group — deployed software "bots" for adjustment claims (XX7 type bill), eligibility denials and root cause claims (XX7) and saw an ROI of 583%! And, RPA isn’t just for large hospital systems, smaller groups can greatly benefit, too.


Andrew Woughter

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, nThrive

nThrive Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, Andrew Woughter, led the introduction and development of Robotic Process Automation as a capability at nThrive. He is a proven revenue cycle executive with 19+ years of experience in health care organizations and governmental regulation of health insurance. Andrew has demonstrated success through strategic vision, driving innovation and development of custom tools to enhance revenue cycle solutions.

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