Adreima: A Revenue Cycle Services Legacy Company at nThrive

Adreima provides patient advocacy services to approximately 400 hospitals nationwide, helping to secure appropriate coverage and payment for hospitals and health systems from insured, uninsured and under-insured patients, educating and supporting them so they understand their obligations. Their solutions are focused on providing access while securing appropriate coverage and payments; reviewing and validating revenue to recognize the full value of each encounter; and, insurance billing and follow-up through extended business office and collection services.

Adreima Revenue Cycle Services Company

Adreima History

Founded in 1990, Adreima is headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill., with offices in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey and North Carolina. At its core, Adreima has always been centered around patient solutions, with strong clinical revenue cycle expertise as a differentiator.

Adreima began as an Arizona-based Medicaid eligibility and payer/clinical services revenue cycle company. Patient responsibility services were launched in Illinois and North Carolina and eventually combined with the eligibility/clinical services to create a business with national reach and end-to-end breadth.

Further expansion gave Adreima a true nationwide footprint, with clients in 43 states. Adreima recently added personalized Patient Advocacy services to its growing portfolio of Patient Access, Clinical/Payer and Patient Responsibility services to create a comprehensive suite of services, making Adreima a full partner with health systems in supporting their entire revenue cycle management process.

Adreima's Acquisition by nThrive

nThrive acquired Adreima on December 1, 2016 to fortify its portfolio with new, strategic capabilities, including patient eligibility determination and enrollment services. These capabilities help health care providers identify appropriate programs to fund, care and assist patients both at the point of health care access and upon discharge. Patient health is put first to provide a thoughtful extension of the hospital’s brand, enhancing the entire process with analytics based on patient behavior and propensity to pay.

nThrive’s technologies, revenue cycle services expertise, analytics depth and health care education services enhance delivery of Adreima’s core offerings, building on its clinically integrated patient-centric approach. The combined offerings deliver a better outsourcing cost-to-value proposition for providers and continue to build a pathway to consolidate additional revenue cycle functions to a single supplier.

Adreima Revenue Cycle Services

You can rely on the nThrive Adreima team of health care experts to help translate market and regulatory changes into actionable intelligence and solutions. We’ll provide resources, education solutions and disciplined focus in areas where we have demonstrated expertise, with industry thought-leaders who are plugged into what’s going on in the marketplace.

Here are just some of the ways Adreima and nThrive can help your organization today:

  • Specialized physicians, nurses and coders work side-by-side with your organization to secure appropriate coverage and payment
  • Our patient-centered extended business office and collections service clarifies your patient’s obligation and provides effective account resolution
  • Claim denials are handled concurrently and/or retrospectively with a full complement of technical, legal and clinical expertise
  • Second-level physician reviews provide concurrent, evidence-based recommendations for documentation on length-of-stay and patient status, supplementing your clinical efforts
  • A “concierge” service for patients with complicated hospitalizations helps to manage invoices from multiple providers