e4e Health Care Outsourcing Services Company at nThrive.com

e4e History

e4e, Inc. was established in 2000 to provide health care providers and payers with offshore processing of medical billing and other administrative tasks – from beginning to end. As the company’s employee base in Chennai, India expanded to about 800 workers, e4e invested in the development of process controls, systems and software platforms, and information security. The company acquired Nittany Decision Services in 2006 and continued to grow e4e’s services, employee strength and profits.

e4e is perceived as a trusted partner by its list of esteemed health care clients, both provider and payer. The company currently employs approximately 1,800 individuals in the U.S. and India. Its headquarters is located in Towson, Maryland, and it operates offices in Chennai, Noida and Bangalore, India.

e4e Company Acquisition by nThrive

nThrive acquired e4e on March 8, 2017 to enhance and expand our current global services capabilities. As nThrive Global Solutions, e4e brings to nThrive two decades of experience in health care business process outsourcing. Its physician billing and coding solutions will play an important role in nThrive’s ambulatory services, and the acquisition will support our Patient-to-Payment℠ vision.

nThrive Global Solutions capabilities in the physician services space, including full revenue cycle outsourcing, medical billing and coding, will help nThrive continue its focus on providing exceptional client service in an ever-evolving landscape. Together, e4e and nThrive provide clients with a continuum of revenue cycle management (RCM) needs with a responsive, global workflow.

nThrive Global Solutions Health Care Business Process Outsourcing Services

nThrive Global Solutions takes a holistic approach to RCM will a full spectrum of services, including provider, payer and technology solutions. With employees in the U.S. and India, e4e is constantly working for clients, including physician groups, to minimize delays and denials, and maximize cashflow.

Discover some of the ways e4e can help your organization:

  • Our provider solutions can help improve the speed of payments and collections to improve cashflow, while reducing denials and delays.
  • nThrive Global Solutions supports ambulatory services with our billing and coding solutions.
  • With our expertise, technology and global manpower, our RCM solutions can reduce the time it takes to process claims.
  • We can manage payer claims operations quickly, efficiently and accurately, maintaining compliance throughout.