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Equation’s health care analytics platform and capabilities bring the power and insight of analytics to nThrive, helping providers make sense of their data to arrive at answers for key challenges in a shorter amount of time. Liberating traditionally hard-to-access data puts the right information – at the right time – into the right hands, for fact-based decision-making that delivers better business results.

Equation Healthcare Analytics Company

Equation History

Equation was a health care analytics company that got its start in 2006, establishing its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a satellite office in San Diego, California. The company's website was previously located at www.EquationHealth.com. By combining decades of health care advisory expertise together with proprietary algorithms and methodologies, Equation’s data analytics solutions help health care providers nationwide to successfully identify and assess areas of weakness to rejuvenate productivity, control costs and increase revenue.

Equation's Acquisition by nThrive

nThrive acquired Equation in 2016, merging it with its legacy companies MedAssets and Precyse, to strengthen the company’s health care analytics platform and revenue cycle management solutions. “nThrive focus on delivering analytic-driven applications and processes provides health care leaders with the competitive advantage to thrive in the face of value-based care.” Today, nThrive’s deeper analytics capability is empowering health care organizations with data-driven answers and actionable insights to achieve financial and operational success while helping them prepare for the future.

DataRiver™ to nThrive Analytics™

A cloud-based health care analytics platform, DataRiver is now nThrive Analytics. This new name exemplifies the overarching role that analytics plays in nThrive’s mission to empower health care for every one in every community, transforming financial and operational performance. The nThrive health care analytics platform provides users with the flexibility to choose from solutions that are optimized for physician and hospital applications, as well as value-based care and revenue cycle operations. Users can view data on high-level dashboards or conduct deeper Excel or SQL analysis to gain the information they need.

The nThrive health care analytics platform is comprised of:

nThrive Healthcare Analytics Platform

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