Patient-to-Payment℠: Transforming the business of health care

The emergence of new payment models in value-based care, industry mandates and other market forces are creating unprecedented complexity and placing severe pressure on revenue cycle management operations in today’s health care organizations. A study published in the Journal of Health Affairs, which analyzed federal data for approximately 3,000 health care organizations, found that 55 percent lost money on each patient served.

In most industries such abysmal results drive companies out of business, and health care has certainly not been immune. From 2010 to mid-2016, the industry has seen more than 70 rural hospitals close their doors and more are at risk of closure, especially in states that have not expanded Medicaid coverage. When the health care infrastructure is unhealthy communities also suffer.

Time for a transformation

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Flowchart

For health care organizations struggling to balance their books, the old way of managing the revenue cycle is clearly no longer acceptable. Operating in silos and applying disparate point solutions only exacerbates the problem and delivers marginal results.

nThrive is transforming revenue cycle management into a complete Patient-to-Payment℠ solution

At nThrive, we believe it is time for a transformation in the business of health care, which requires reimagining the revenue cycle as a single entity and reengineering it to work as an integrated system. Patient-to-Payment is a holistic view of the health care revenue cycle with the process beginning at access, encompassing the entire patient journey and concluding when an organization has been fairly paid for their services.

Choose a strategic partner

While many organizations are configuring multiple vendors in an attempt to create an integrated, fully functioning revenue cycle, we believe the better approach is a strategic partnership that brings all of the processes and components together in an efficient and effective way. This requires deep knowledge and understanding of the entire revenue cycle, from financial and clinical to operations, tailoring integrated solutions to address specific needs. Our experts analyze issues from all angles, implementing improvements across the enterprise through consulting, best practices, health care education and technology, or full revenue cycle outsourcing.

Are you ready for a transformation? Explore our solutions and call us today to learn how we can help you and your patients thrive in today’s changing health care environment.