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XactiMed Revenue Cycle Management Company

XactiMed History

XactiMed was a revenue cycle services and technology company that was founded in 1998 by D.T. Nguyen with its headquarters in Richardson, Texas. Their website was located at www.XactiMed.com and the company provided revenue cycle solutions and services to health care providers nationwide. The company's solutions included claims management, remittance management, denial management, revenue cycle consulting and a number of other services.


XactiMed was acquired by MedAssets on May 23, 2007 and their technology and products added a new suite of solutions to the existing MedAssets services. At the time of their acquisition in 2007, the company provided services for over 350 hospitals and health care organizations, helping them improve the efficiency and accuracy of their systems and processes. Their solutions and services are now offered by nThrive, which was formed by the merger of Precyse and Medassets' revenue cycle management segment on January 27, 2016 and then known as MedAssets-Precyse.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions and Services

XactiMed's solutions are an ideal match with our other software and services, helping nThrive to assist health care providers and hospital systems as the premier provider of comprehensive Patient-to-Payment℠ solutions. The claims management, denials, and other solutions help us increase the accuracy, efficiency and overall financial health of the entire revenue cycle for hospital systems nationwide as well as improve A/R days, collections and compliance.

XactiMed's solutions, now offered by nThrive, include the following: