Is your health care organization feeling the margin squeeze?

Partner with revenue cycle experts to optimize performance and accelerate results

Heal your revenue cycle

If you need to increase margin, stimulate revenue growth, optimize processes or improve execution, nThrive Advisory Services can generate sustainable results – on an accelerated time frame, allowing staff to focus on day-to-day operations.

We partner with hospital systems, ambulatory organizations and large physician practices – much like doctors consult with specialists – to diagnose and address the causes of declining financial and operational health. We implement solutions that increase revenue, decrease costs, enhance patient and staff satisfaction, ultimately enabling a high-performing, patient-centric revenue cycle.

Our consultants are trusted partners who:

  • Utilize analytics and assessment to determine ROI and accelerate speed to value
  • Minimize risk related to new the implementation of services or technology
  • Respond to critical business issues, such as generating cash flow
  • Supplement staffing
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