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Leveraging health care data to empower our communities to thrive

nThrive Analytics provides speed-to-answer and actionable insight to health care organizations to reduce cost, improve quality and enhance the experience of the communities they serve

Back Up Your Strategic Decisions with Data

Health care organizations have the constant challenge of reducing expenses, improving revenue, managing costs and enhancing the patient experience all under the guise of an ever-evolving population health model.

At nThrive, we believe the best way to begin to combat these multifaceted challenges is to fully utilize your health care system’s big data. By 'big data,' we are referring to the large, complex datasets continuously being collected and stored in numerous warehouses across your system.

Leverage Your Data

nThrive Analytics seamlessly leverages health care data to uncover strategic insights to empower you to make data-driven decisions. We integrate and map your disparate datasets in as little as 30 days with our streamlined data ingression process, to drive value across hospitals, health systems and physician practices.

It is flexible enough to serve as a primary research or a deep analysis tool for anyone within your organization, no matter their job role. nThrive Analytics gives you real-time data access enabling your health system a greater ability to enhance organizational planning, strategic financial management and forecasting.

Engage Data Experts

At nThrive, we understand that even the optimum analytics tools are not always an all-encompassing solution. We realize the human factor is a necessary addition. Therefore, we provide dedicated advisors to assist you along the way. Our highly seasoned advisors guide you as you successfully harness the full power of your data through nThrive Analytics.

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