nThrive Analytics is a cloud-based, health care analytics and intelligence platform that provides the solutions and tools to drive your Triple Aim initiatives. It digs below the service to extract specific insight by means of its data integration and analytic capabilities.

Integrating and Standardizing Your Data

nThrive Analytics integrates and organizes all of your physician & hospital, general ledger & payroll, and EHR data into a single dataset, across billing systems and throughout all areas of your organization.

It integrates directly with all major billing systems as well as many custom-built systems, all with the same success. Over 50 direct billing system integrations are supported including, but not limited to the following:

EPIC • NextGen • eClinical Works • Misys Tiger • Medevolve • Allscripts • Athena • IDX Groupcast • IDX Flowcast • MiSys Vision • LSS • Signature • Intergy • McKesson • e-MD

Making Sense of Your Data

nThrive Analytics gives you more than just numbers on a page. Instead, you get our proven algorithms and methodologies built into every view. We incorporate our years of industry experience and insights, key metrics, measurements, and KPI’s into all our products to ensure a sound approach every step of the way.

We show you how to look at your data in order to improve your health system’s economics. You can see how you measure up across the continuum with our standard and consistent benchmark methodology. You get an apples-to-apples comparison against other health systems along with the flexibility of using both internal and external benchmarks. nThrive Analytics gives you confidence in your data so you can initiate effective strategic planning.

Health Care Analytics for All

Indeed, our approach to analytics is unique in the market. Unlike the rest, our platform delivers more than just great visualizations. nThrive Analytics allows users the flexibility to choose the depth of analysis and as such the appropriate analytical medium that best suits their role. Whether it be high-level dashboard views or deeper Excel or SQL analysis, nThrive Analytics provides analytics for everyone, no matter their function.

Speed to Answer Capabilities

Through its streamlined processes, nThrive Analytics provides data-driven answers to questions such as:

  • What services are profitable versus what services aren’t profitable?
  • Should or shouldn't we acquire or partner physician practices?
  • How do we effectively manage all the physicians who we now employ?
  • How do we handle commercial enterprises who want changes in network structures?
  • How we manage pay for value?
  • How do we access financial data both in context and in real time for revenues, sales volume (per capita), expenses, etc. for statutory reporting?
  • How can we track and monitor clinical outcomes & integration?

Analytics Solutions

Analytics plays an important role in nThrive’s mission to empower health care for every one in every community. Our solutions enable health care organizations to thrive by driving financial and operational performance transformation. nThrive Analytics solutions include:

We look forward to joining forces with your organization as we continue to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. Contact us today at solutions@nthrive.com.

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