Health care administrators have traditionally been challenged by limited visibility across the revenue cycle, struggling to isolate root cause problems and deploy corrective actions. Plagued by disparate financial and operational data sources, they have traditionally been forced to connect the dots through multiple reports, a labor–intensive effort that is often outdated by the time any conclusions have been reached or actions taken. Ultimately, this lack of control has contributed to waste, revenue leakage and shrinking margins, all of which negatively impact the bottom line.

Revenue Cycle Analyzer provides end–to–end revenue cycle performance monitoring and analytics, aggregating disparate data sources and formats into a single source of truth. This automated approach provides access to acute, ambulatory, operational and financial data across the front, middle and back of the revenue cycle, enabling actionable interventions. Having full revenue cycle visibility gives leaders the information they need to drive key improvements, resulting in higher revenue yield, reduced cost to collect and more. Dashboards are tailored to specific client needs, allowing immediate access to key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to achieve their organizational mission.

What's different?

  • Turn–key data extraction — Faster, more effective implementation with improved data quality, requiring just a single call to your information technology department
  • Unique nThrive DNA — Baked–in revenue cycle expertise and experience, working with leading health care systems on industry–leading RCM best practices across services, technology, education, advisory and analytics offerings
  • Comprehensive, end–to–end, holistic view — Fully integrated acute and ambulatory revenue cycle data. From C-Suite executives to frontline workers and business analysts, everyone is connected via executive dashboards and daily work queues

Everything you need in one place

  • Accurate, end–to–end RCM reporting across multiple data sources and formats (EHR, GL, bolt-on solutions, ambulatory/acute, etc.)
  • Clear visibility into key metrics to measure performance across the front, middle, and back of your revenue cycle
  • Easy–to–use dashboards to quickly identify trends and drill down on root causes
  • Single source monitoring on daily processes to improve productivity and decision–making
  • Insight to identify opportunities and interventions, improving cash and revenue yield while reducing cost–to–collect

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