Is your health care organization challenged by limited visibility across your revenue cycle? Do you struggle to isolate root cause problems and deploy corrective actions? If so, you are likely challenged by disparate data sources, which make it difficult to connect the dots. nThrive Revenue Cycle Analyzer changes all that, putting you in control of your revenue cycle management strategy so you can reduce waste and revenue leakage, ultimately improving your health care organization’s financial health.

With nThrive Revenue Cycle Analyzer you’ll:

  • Gain end-to-end revenue cycle management performance monitoring, with data and formats aggregated into a single source of truth
  • Have access to your acute, ambulatory, operational and financial data via intuitive, easy to navigate dashboards
  • Improve strategic decision-making and deploy corrective actions faster to improve revenue cycle yield, reduce cost-to-collect

We’ll provide:

  • Turn-key data extraction, getting your health care organization up and running in days not weeks
  • Leverage our revenue cycle management expertise and experience to deliver the highest results
  • Provide executive dashboards and daily work queues that connect your entire health care organization

How are our clients benefiting from their Revenue Cycle Analyzer investment?

  • Improved collections – 9.7% increase, representing $17M in 12 months through process improvement and ongoing monitoring
  • Reduced Pre-AR/DNFB – From $14M in medical coding work queues to $5.5M, with visibility to pivot processes on a weekly basis.
  • Reduced reporting costs: 15%–20% reduction in cost to assemble data and generate reports

Single, holistic view

Revenue Cycle Analyzer integrates data into a single source of truth.

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