Hospitals and health systems have the opportunity to benefit from the mounds of data housed across their system – but many are scratching their heads as they try to determine how they can tap their big data for its full potential. Indeed, many health care organizations are viewing their big data as a curse instead of a blessing. One of the biggest issues hospitals and health systems are facing is the inability they have to seamlessly integrate the data across all their data silos into a single dataset. 

Data-driven Answers

nThrive Analytics easily solves this problem by acting as a virtual data warehouse that sits on top of a health system’s numerous data systems and pulls in the data to clean, standardize and map it into one dataset. A single dataset allows for comprehensive visibility into a hospital or health system’s performance across its care continuum. 

Although data integration provides the foundation to comprehensive analytical capabilities, nThrive Analytics gives you more than just numbers on a page. Instead, it delivers data-driven answers to enhance your health system’s economics.

Seamless Analytics Solutions

nThrive Analytics delivers the solutions health systems and hospitals need to pinpoint opportunities, promote quality, and enhance productivity to achieve strategic outcomes. Our hospital solutions include:

Service Line Analyzer

Gain deep visibility into hospital service line cost across inpatient, outpatient, and physician practice data as well as payer, DRG, physician, and patient level views.

Downstream Analyzer

Easily determine the downstream value of an employed physician, point-of-care location, service area, marketing campaign or any patient point of entry.

Market Analyzer

Drill down to the finest possible detail into consolidated market data to access physician referral, population mix and competitor mix within any given market.

Making sustainable performance improvements requires new capabilities around data analytics -- not just for executive leadership or analysts, but also throughout your organization. While most analytic platforms limit the scope of how you can view, interact with, and extract your data, nThrive Analytics offers data access across multiple mediums and even allows users the capability to perform ad-hoc analysis. Users can chose to engage in analysis using dashboards, WebExcel, or custom SQL queries. Our platform consistently changes the way people make decisions by providing actionable, data-driven insights for everyone, no matter their role within the organization.

Strategic Goal Planning

At a strategic level, health care executive leaders need data to understand what their hospital or system currently looks like and what it needs to look like to reach their financial and operational goals, in the short term as well as long term. The combination of deep access to rich datasets and robust analytics can transform health systems into the value-based, patient-centric organizations they are striving to become.

nThrive Analytics allows health systems and hospitals the tools to face the driving demand for big-data insight. To learn more about our hospital and health system solutions, contact us at today. 

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