Many health systems have sought to grow and adapt to new value-based delivery models by acquiring physician practices. Unfortunately, few hospitals support acquisition assumptions with data.

In order to determine the value of each practice, it is imperative that hospitals assess the total economic picture of service lines from the clinic to the hospital, or more simply stated the downstream value.

Quantify Downstream Value

Downstream Analyzer is a web-based analytics solution that quantifies the downstream value of employed physician groups. The hospital and physician data is consolidated at the patient level to construct an accurate and comprehensive, longitudinal analysis of physician utilization and revenue.

Downstream Analyzer provides an across the continuum view that assists in strategic planning as it pertains to physician acquisition, alignment and performance management initiatives. It allows you to accurately measure a physician’s cross-continuum revenue impact, identify opportunities for improvement, and develop & implement changes to improve physician-hospital alignment.

Deep, Multi-Level Visibility

Downstream Analyzer provides visibility into every level of your organization’s downstream revenue including by service line, provider type, patient type, and more. At every level, you have a consolidated view of initial and subsequent charges as well as any other downstream metrics you choose. You can view every encounter a patient had with a physician and which encounters led to subsequent encounters throughout your organization down to the DRG level.

Benchmark Comparison

With Downstream Analyzer, users can compare their data to industry benchmarks from other hospitals that are experiencing similar challenges. Benchmark access provides a more accurate comparison, which in turn, will lead to more informed strategic decisions.

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