Many hospitals are acquiring medical practices and are either employing or contracting with physicians as part of their alignment strategy. Yet more often than not, there remains a large gap between alignment and integration leading to significant financial loss and underperformance.

Service Line Analyzer provides hospital service line managers and administrators the ability to organize their service line data effectively by consolidating hospital inpatient and outpatient, and physician data to pull out specific insights within their service lines across departments and the continuum.

With Service Line Analyzer, you can understand and analyze clinical integration efforts by viewing service line profitability by patient type, financial class, inpatient & outpatient service, physician, physician role, location, DRG, and sub-service lines. Additionally, you can sort the data by multiple service line definitions in order to compare differences and outcomes based on the modifications you choose to make to base service line definitions.

Service Line Analyzer empowers you to:

  1. Customize service lines for more effective strategic planning.
  2. Determine whether a product line has profitability potential or whether it should be eliminated.
  3. Assess whether an investment in a service line, such as additional providers or marketing, will yield adequate revenue for a return on the investment.
  4. Assess implications of changes in payer mix on revenue.
  5. Apply direct and indirect costing methods.

As you move towards a value-based care model, Service Line Analyzer will reveal the waste and inefficiencies that may have previously gone undetected.

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