As a result of the rapidly transforming health care environment, health care organizations are now focusing on additional ways to enhance employed physician revenue while improving the patient experience.

Physician Analyzer provides deep visibility into your physician practice data to help you move towards high-value service while also securing high-value financial returns. The tool facilitates easy assessment of volume, payer mix, capacity, charge lag, CPT code analysis, procedure code analysis, revenue metrics, RVUs, scheduling, patient and much more.

To uncover physician practice key productivity, revenue and cost drivers, we aggregate physician practice billing, payroll and general ledger data across all physician practices and groups within your system. Next, we apply our proven algorithms and methodologies to your integrated data.

In doing so, Physician Analyzer allows you to drive productivity, reduce costs; and improve care by:

  • Exposing gaps across economic drivers of physician practices, quickly and accurately
  • Quantifying and manage physician practice loss
  • Calculating work RVUs driving physician compensation
  • Providing in-depth insight on volume, capacity, revenue, & cost
  • Delivering comprehensive, on-demand reporting by physician, practice and service line groups

Physician Analyzer can be implemented in as few as 30 days. Are you ready to improve your physician practice economics? Contact us today at to begin the discussion.

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