Many health care organizations struggle with physician practice profitability, unable to connect the dots between a myriad of variables that impact revenue cycle health. With Physician Practice Analyzer, nThrive removes the blinders, enabling administrators to see, analyze and take corrective actions to address costly issues.

When you deploy our powerful technology, you'll:

  • Identify key opportunities for impact through a detailed variance report
  • Calculate net operating income breakdowns by service line via an operations scorecard
  • Identify root causes for loss by productivity, revenue and cost
  • Analyze economic drivers of success
  • Uncover opportunities to streamline workflow
  • Drill down to individual physician performance

With nThrive's Physician Practice Data Assessment, which is used today by many leading practices, you'll identify performance gaps resulting in the highest losses, including:

  1. Physician productivity
  2. Visit coding
  3. Procedure utilization
  4. Charge master
  5. Payor mix
  6. Payor rates
  7. Revenue cycle
  8. Labor costs
  9. Other costs
  10. Compensation

Using proprietary algorithms and industry benchmarks, Physician Practice Analyzer measures each gap at the individual physician and medical practice level, providing opportunities for improvement.

What do you stand to gain?

When you address the root cause of practice loss, you stand to gain millions. In the above case, a practice with 81 providers saved $4M by identifying and correcting their top performance issues.

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Midwestern Health System Improves Physician Productivity by 30%

A major health system in the Midwest consolidated and aggregated data into a standard analytics package that drove significant performance improvement.

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