The movement away from fee-for-service payment programs and toward value-based care reimbursement programs is requiring health care leaders to incorporate technology to keep the revenue cycle working efficiently. As fiscal pressures continue to build across the health care industry, now more than ever, health care organizations are recognizing the need for employing a robust data analytics program to pinpoint revenue cycle inefficiencies.

With nThrive Revenue Cycle Analytics Solutions, you have the power to assess your processes and compare your operations to that of your peers. Our web-based solutions provide the deep visibility into your organization’s consolidated financial and operational data so you can seamlessly address your process deficiencies. Our revenue cycle solutions incorporate our breadth of revenue cycle operational expertise and depth of data analytics technology to ensure you will thrive in the ever-changing, value-driven environment.

Leverage Your Universe of Data

nThrive Analytics solutions fully leverage your data by connecting your organization's disparate processes and data sources to turn your revenue cycle into a high-functioning machine. As a result of our unique data ingress process, our solutions work from a single data set that integrates and cleans your organization's data across all data silos. Our technology provides the deep visibility necessary to unify revenue cycle processes across your care continuum.

nThrive Analytics makes it easy to monitor, measure and manage your accounts receivables, denials, collections and payor contracts.

Our Revenue Cycle Analytics Solutions include:

AR Analyzer

Monitor performance for KPI’s to discover lowest level root cause deficiencies, process efficiencies to maximize your revenue.

Contract Analyzer

Quantify and assess the financial impact of contracts to strengthen and protect revenue streams and pinpoint service line opportunities.

Denials Analyzer

Improve the trajectory of lost revenue from unpaid claims by identifying problematic areas and fine tuning day-to-day processes.

The health care revenue cycle can drastically affect an organization’s livelihood when not managed correctly. In order for an organization to run efficiently across all administrative and clinical functions, the capture, management and collection of patient service revenue must be managed well. To find success, your full universe of data must be utilized to drive decisions and improve performance.

Continually Monitor Your Progress

nThrive Analytics revenue cycle solutions allow you to constantly monitor your processes to look for ways to get the most out of your revenue cycle. Your data, along with Key Performance Indicators, are used to assess you current and future performance state. Our dashboard views enable you to pinpoint opportunities in productivity and quality, thus allowing you to improve existing processes to reach your cash collection goals.

Communicate Data-Driven Insights

In addition to robust data analytics, organizations need to have the ability to communicate the data-driven insights across the organization to inform decision making and achieve revenue growth. nThrive Analytics provides drill-down reporting to support timely and informed decisions.

nThrive Analytics revenue cycle solutions empower you to quickly improve performance across all aspects of your revenue cycle. To learn more about how you can enhance your revenue cycle performance, fill out the form below.

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