Gain deep visibility into your health care organization's revenue cycle performance with dynamic, actionable analytics from nThrive Claims Analyzer.

Claims Analyzer is the premier platform for managing data about your claims performance, time to value, and much more. This secure, web-based platform allows you Claims Management staff to easily run and build reports, view and export data and graphs, and track and monitor your team's performance. Our customizable, multi-level Claims Analyzer solution enhances Claims Management by providing deep data insights, empowering you to improve medical billing outcomes and time to value.

Ensure medical billing accuracy by pinpointing key performance indicators (KPIs) like clean claim rate, claim rejection rate, unbilled amount, days from export to payment.

Identify and correct medical claims issues at their source.

Isolate root cause payor issues across your revenue cycle to identify potential improvement areas and drive operational change at your health care organization.

Drill down to unbilled claims ranging from zero to 90+ days to identify and analyze causes of outstanding claims.

Gain deep visibility into unbilled claims and associated claim dollars.

Drive a higher clean claim rate for your health care organization with Claims Analyzer. Contact our claims and revenue cycle management experts today at to get started.

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