Contract Analyzer ensures payment accuracy as well as strength of negotiated payer terms as a result of its deep visibility into payor performance versus contract expectations.

Pinpoint Root Causes

Users can also quickly pinpoint root causes for contract performance setbacks by viewing dashboard trends over service month through streamlined access for key metrics such as yield percentage (actual to expected) and payment variance percentage (variance to expected) by contract.

Quantify and Access

Additionally, Contract Analyzer allows the user to quantify and assess the financial impact of contracts by breaking down net revenue estimates at service type and service line levels.

Through its payor report card view, it delivers a macro view of performance across all contracts with metrics such as average days to pay, expected payment, and patient responsibility.

Deep, Multi-Level Visibility

Contract Analyzer helps hospitals and health systems strengthen and protect their revenue streams through analysis of overall contract performance as well as possible service line additions.

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