Building a rock-solid strategic plan that accelerates success under MACRA requires a comprehensive approach to address the regulatory implications from all angles. The nThrive MACRA Management Solution equips you with the knowledge and tools to identify and address specific areas of opportunity essential to thriving under MACRA’s complex requirements.

Our solution includes advisory services, on-demand education and analytics to ensure your organization has the strategy, knowledge and information needed to prosper under the MACRA regulations. Read on to learn more about these three solution components.

Advisory Services

By 2018, it is estimated more than half of Medicare payments will be risk-based. To prepare for this transition, health care organizations must fully evaluate their operational, clinical, and governance processes relating to MACRA’s quality and financial outcomes.

nThrive has a specialized advisory team that understands the unique obstacles facing health systems, hospitals and clinicians brought about by MACRA regulations. We partner with health care organizations to design, develop, and implement strategies to successfully navigate health care reform and its complexities to achieve sustainable success under MACRA.

Our Advisory Services will help your organization to:

  • Assess your organization’s starting capabilities
  • Determine and quantify your best options for incentives and risk management for your organization
  • Create a long-term road map through custom program development
  • Harmonize strategy across the continuum of care

On-Demand Education

Based on our experience educating over two million health care professionals, nThrive Education has a proven record of success and is prepared to both educate and empower your team.  Our nThrive Education MACRA Solution utilizes online assessment and learning tools to not only provide initial education, but to also monitor MACRA comprehension levels for each participant.  Our three-tiered approach to education ensures your team understands MACRA guidelines and how to orient their role to address its requirements. 

Three-Tiered MACRA Education Approach:

  • Foundational Education - Understanding and Use of MACRA
  • MIPS and AAPM Specific Education - Supporting Both MACRA tracks
  • Specialty-specific Education - Informing clinicians and staff on the nuances of MACRA as applied to specialty areas

The nThrive Education MACRA Solution can be purchased separately.

Analytics & Reporting

Under MACRA, eligible clinicians are required to report performance against various quality measures. Medicare reimbursement is determined by the quality performance measures as well as peer comparison thresholds. The quality performance results for all eligible Medicare Part B clinicians will be made public on the CMS Physician Compare website to assist consumers as they evaluate where to seek medical care.

To prosper under MACRA, health care organizations must have deep visibility into real-time performance so they can know when and where to pivot in order to reach their desired Medicare reimbursement goals.

nThrive Analytics provides deep visibility into real-time performance results to help ensure you achieve your desired quality performance goals. Our tools facilitate seamless monitoring and reporting of the MACRA quality measures to align, mobilize and motivate your organization on its path to value-based care transformation. Consistent monitoring of the financial impact of performance down to an individual clinician level is vital to defining your best path to obtaining a positive payment adjustment and making MACRA success a reality.