Emerging Threats to Health Care Reimbursement and Quality

By nThrive | Posted: 11/18/2016

Healthcare Reimbursement

Numerous factors are escalating the risks related to patient record integrity and associated coding, billing and quality impacts, including:

  • CMS and private payers are tightening coding specificity requirements
  • CMS released more than 5,500 new codes on October 1, 2016
  • Qualified resource shortages to support documentation and coding
  • Ongoing confusion with HCC Coding (Hierarchical Condition Category)

The consequences could be serious; inaccurate documentation and coding leads to compromised quality, improper payments, high- ticket penalties, and poorer patient outcomes.

Click here to view and download the infographic titled “Rising Threats to Patient Record Integrity”, which describes these threats further and strategies to address them.