How accountability helped PIH Good Samaritan Hospital reach a 4,500% ROI increase

Those who joined us for the 2021 nThrive User Forums were treated to many conversations between nThrive’s product experts and the healthcare clients they work with on a regular basis. These discussions highlighted the strength of nThrive’s solutions and the commitment our team has in ensuring our clients are able to accurately and efficiently utilize our SaaS healthcare revenue cycle technology products.

One such client, Rewa Cooper, IDS Administrative Director of Patient Access at PIH Health Good Samaritan Hospital, joined Lucas Lerma, nThrive’s Senior Adoption Success Consultant, for a conversation about CarePricer®, nThrive’s payment estimation solution. With years of experience in CarePricer, Rewa was able to provide firsthand insight into best practices that maximize the value of the solution.

PIH Good Samaritan was limited in their ability to collect from patients before they began using CarePricer. The lack of any collections system sometimes meant that the staff would simply not collect after providing services, often collecting under $40K a month. The implementation of CarePricer into the outpatient surgery department began a change which would enable PIH Good Samaritan’s ROI to reach 4500%.

As more staff leveraged CarePricer, this allowed PIH to monitor their collections and create accountability within the organization. Through the payment estimation tool, Rewa and her team were able to document the potential to collect and compare that information to actual collections. The ability to pinpoint exactly where money was being lost provided PIH with the ability to gather explanations for losses and identify where in their process these gaps were occurring.

Rewa’s biggest suggestion for those looking to implement CarePricer was to ensure that everyone involved was being held accountable. As the implementation continued throughout the facility it was not only the responsibility of a financial counselor to follow through, but front desk staff were also asked to utilize CarePricer for some outpatient procedures. As Rewa said during the discussion, “The only way you’re going to be successful with anything is to really just be consistent in your practices. And if you hold people accountable and monitor and track it, it shows in your numbers.”

To read more on how PIH Good Samaritan Hospital achieved their 4,500% increase in monthly POS collections, download the case study today!


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