A Closer Look: Life as a Summer Intern at nThrive

By Robert Holmes, Sr VP and Chief HR Officer | Posted: 08/03/2017

nThrive Interns 2017

Becoming an intern at nThrive provides the opportunity for college students to explore their potential careers, immerse themselves into the corporate world and work alongside a team of professionals who want to fuel growth in their career of choice. nThrive colleagues were impressed and inspired by the talented interns who joined us this summer. Our internship program is not your typical “pour us coffee and make copies at the printer” type of internship.

The nThrive internship program strategically placed each intern on teams within departments that match individual academic studies and areas of interest. The focus areas spanned across all segments of the company including: Solutions, Corporate Marketing, Service Delivery, IT, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Strategy, Analytics and Education. Each intern was assigned a project at the start of the summer; they collaborated with colleagues from all levels of the organization and offered a creative perspective to execute their project.

We sat down with a few of the many interns toward the end of the internship to gain insight on what their experience was like and advice they have for future interns.

Q. What was your favorite part of the internship?

A. “My favorite part about nThrive is the culture of the company and the employees. Everyone is so nice and down to earth, I feel comfortable being myself. Everyone I have come across has taught me something, whether it is work related or a life lesson. I love the rest of the interns; we all get along so well and clicked instantly. We even hang out outside of work and I know most of us are going to keep in touch after the internship is over. nThrive really opened my eyes up to the health care industry. I honestly didn’t know what to expect from the internship program or what I was even going to be doing, but my manager challenged me and taught me so many new things, which now has me considering staying in this field. I have been inspired by everyone who works here because every single person makes a positive difference in the world and works hard to better the company. I can see where I have helped the company and how by doing that, I make a difference. I love that.”

Janki Patel, Commercial Excellence Intern

A. “My favorite thing about working at nThrive was being able to be part of a team where I felt I was a true contributor to the actual business. At the same time, everyone I interacted with recognized that I am still a student and didn’t expect me to come in knowing everything about everything, which made it very easy to approach people with questions and speak up with my opinions. I found the intern workshops/meetings to be the best “perk” of the job. They are something unique to the nThrive internship program, and offer the chance to get to know your intern class and listen to advice that feels like a break from work, while it’s actually making us better at our jobs. The free lunch at these workshops doesn’t hurt either.”

Sarah Wickson, Digital Marketing Intern

A. “I was able to take on and execute a project that actually impacted the company. I enjoyed being able to present my project to my manager and the Executive Leadership Team at the end of the internship.”

Sadarian Harris, Finance Intern

A. “While working for the Service Delivery area of the business, I found not just the professional aspects of the business rewarding, but also the friendly atmosphere and the company culture.

Jonathan Ghebreamlak, Service Delivery Intern

Q. Briefly describe what you worked on and accomplished during your internship.

A. “For my nThrive internship, I worked alongside the advisory team in the Analytics department located in Layton, Utah. I worked on a project that looked at behavioral health service lines across six US health systems. I was able to use Structured Query Language (SQL) in conjunction with Excel to build tables that explored and analyzed the data. I was also able to conduct a SWOT – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat – analysis and develop strategies for improving service line performance under the guidance of two members of the advisory team, Tom Sherwood, CDI Consulting Consultant and Lincoln Haycock, Senior Manager, Consulting, CDI Consulting.”

Andrew Gudenau, Analytics Intern

A. “My first project was to develop a tuition reimbursement program for the company. Currently, the company does not have one; therefore, I did research on companies that did, found statistics on how successful they were, created SWOT analysis, and recommended a full plan. My second project was to begin the job title harmonization project along with Elizabeth Peterson. I looked at each unit in the company, created pivot tables in excel, found trends and exceptions, and recommended a standard titling scheme.”

Chris Stephens, Human Resources Intern

A. “I worked in service delivery this summer and I was in charge of back log management in salesforce. I really enjoyed my time here because everyone was so friendly and smiled at you in the halls even if I've never met them before. I also really connected well with the other interns in the Plano office. I would love to see more interns go through the program here in the future!”

Sneha Ramashesha, Service Delivery Intern

Q. What’s next for you?

A. “Starting August 14, I will begin my junior year at the University of Georgia. My plan is to graduate with a BBA in Management Information Systems and Management by May 2019. My career aspirations remain open; however, consulting and project management are currently piquing my interest.”

Megan Feight, Program Management Intern

A. “I will be attending school for the next 3 years. During that time I will be studying abroad in Beijing and Singapore, as well as hopefully landing other internships to broaden my experience, much like mine at nThrive.”

Wilson Pu, Service Delivery Intern

Q. What advice do you have for students who are looking to intern at nThrive?

A. “I really encourage you to do it! It is a great opportunity for you and you have the chance to grow and advance your skills, as well as gain a lot of experience that you don’t typically get from most companies.”

Miranda Kauffman, Internal Communications Intern

A. “Don’t be perturbed by the fact that you don’t know exactly what nThrive does. Trust me, no one applying does and no one interviewing you expects you to know everything. A great part of the internship is simultaneously gaining transferrable professional experience and learning the ins and outs of an industry you probably didn’t know existed before applying for the opportunity.”

Jack Donahue, Client Communications Intern

A. “Interning at nThrive was a great overall experience. There’s a lot to be excited about with nThrive with all of the growth the company is going through. Having the opportunity to connect with senior leaders is not something many internship programs can offer, so take advantage of it.”

Matt Pearson, Information Technology Intern