New Name, New Look – Introducing nThrive Analytics

By nThrive | Posted: 01/25/2017

Health care analytics play an important role in nThrive’s mission -- empowering health care for every one in every community by transforming financial and operational performance to enable health care organizations to thrive.

As such, we are pleased to announce our analytics rebrand from DataRiverTM to nThrive AnalyticsTM. We have chosen nThrive Analytics as we believe it best exemplifies the overarching role that analytics plays across nThrive’s entire suite of health care solutions and revenue cycle services. nThrive Analytics is a cloud-based, health care intelligence platform that provides physicians, hospitals and health systems with the data-driven insights necessary to drive value across the continuum of care.

Our approach to analytics is unique in the market as our platform delivers more than just great visualizations. nThrive Analytics allows users the flexibility to choose the appropriate analytical medium that best suits their role.  Whether it be high-level dashboard views or deeper Excel or SQL analysis, nThrive Analytics provides analytics for everyone, no matter their function.

As nThrive Analytics, we will continue to provide the same solutions and services to drive enhanced performance across health care organizations. Currently, nThrive Analytics offers the following solutions:

We are excited about the positive impact analytics provides and look forward to working together to make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.

To learn more about nThrive Analytics, click HERE.