Case study recap: NMHS partners with nThrive on Quality Payment Program (QPP) reporting, receives maximum payment adjustment

By Moshe Starkman, nThrive Senior Director, Value-Based Reimbursements | Posted: 10/17/2019

nThrive QPP Solutions

Staying ahead of the growing shift to value-based care was a key motivator for North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS) when they chose to engage with nThrive’s Quality Payment Program (QPP) Registry from the first performance period in 2017. Having a sizeable Medicare Part B population, the health care organization viewed quality reporting as a financial imperative – either to avoid penalties or to qualify for lucrative performance bonuses.

A past winner of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award, NMHS’s administrators had confidence they could shine given their traditional quality focus – provided they could access the required data. Given limitations with their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, they engaged with nThrive, leveraging expert guidance and nThrive’s renowned revenue cycle management advisory services to expand their pool of reportable measures.

This strategy ultimately proved fruitful, helping NMHS achieve the maximum payment adjustment available.

The journey

NMHS learned about nThrive’s reporting capabilities through an nThrive Education webinar (view MACRA and MIPS Webinars here) on how to leverage analytics and advisory services to broaden an organization’s quality reporting capabilities. Additionally, nThrive worked closely with the NMHS health information technology team to accommodate pre-existing data export and import file formats to seamlessly integrate with NMHS systems.

“Because of the attentiveness and responsiveness on both sides, we were able to implement a seamless and successful process of data gathering, calculating and reporting on performance quickly and efficiently. Our immediate MIPS reporting needs were met faster than expected,” said Shelley McArthur, MSN, RN, performance improvement manager, North Mississippi Medical Clinics.

Positioned for the future

Going forward, NMHS’ QPP success is part of a defined, multi-year strategy to facilitate their volume to value transition.

Today, thanks to better data integration and standardization across all areas of the health system, NMHS and other medical organizations like them are well on their way to having the tools they need to meet the rapidly emerging shift to Alternative Payment Models (APMs).

To learn more about how nThrive helped NMHS harness and consolidate their quality data, read the full case study here. nThrive and NMHS also presented at a December 2018 HFMA webinar on this success. Read the blog recap here.