Novant Health and nThrive Partner to Give Prospective Medical Coders Hands-On Experience

Novant Health is a leading healthcare network consisting of more than 2,400 physicians and over 37,000 employees who provide care at more than 800 locations, including 18 hospitals and hundreds of outpatient health care facilities and physician clinics. The health system, which serves over 4,000,000 patients annually, requires various methods to ensure coding accuracy for every patient, every time.

Novant Health Corporate Coding partners with nThrive Education as one strategy for increasing the accuracy of all coded data. The nThrive Concierge Services Team provides immediate support for all education requests by identifying all modalities of education available per request within the tool. When medical coders have questions, the answer is immediate, and the coder is educated as to how to resolve the specific challenge should it arise again. Because coder education is integrated inside the nThrive tool, productive coding time is not lost to on-line navigation in a search for solutions.

Novant Health’s Corporate Coding Department has expanded the use of nThrive Education to include the Remote Coding Internship Program with several community colleges that offer a CAHIIM (Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management) accredited Health Information Technology degree. Students who need medical coding internships may now use nThrive incubators and simulators with actual Novant Health de-identified patient records. This provides the interns a unique opportunity to get hands-on medical coding experience with real redacted medical records and instant feedback on any coding accuracy challenges. The internship is now facilitated via a Zoom meeting and provides another real-world experience since most coding jobs are fully remote across the country. These inaugural internships were conducted in early April of 2021. Sixty students from six community colleges across North Carolina participated with results indicating the value of onsite experience was not lost in this remote setting.

Using the nThrive tool for hands-on coding experience allowed Novant Health to continue offering these critical coding internships during the COVID19 pandemic. This program is a win for all involved parties. The colleges gain an externship program that is not limited by geographic boundaries, interns gain valuable education and experience, nThrive gains access to real-time redacted medical records, and Novant Health gains access to this pool of new, highly qualified graduates to help fill any available production coding positions.

Novant Health Corporate Coding’s needs offered nThrive a unique problem to solve, which was handled by our nThrive Education Concierge Services Team. By focusing solely on each client’s unique situation, the Concierge Services Team helped build an education strategy that meets the unique needs of each unique health care facility through swift, personal, and consistent support for our coding clients.

Contact an nThrive expert today to learn more about our industry-leading medical coding training and other nThrive Education courses and certifications. See how our innovative education solutions can significantly enhance the efficiency and development of your employees while boosting the revenue cycle performance at your hospital or health care organization.


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