nThrive Technology Day

By nThrive | Posted: 10/11/2017

At nThrive, we take every opportunity to develop and grow as technology continues to evolve every day. The nThrive Solutions Group hosted the first of many annual Technology Day events on October 4-5, 2017. Colleagues from offices across the U.S. joined as a group to attend the event while remote colleagues channeled in via video conference.

Technology Day provided an opportunity to explore innovative ideas and reveal the innovation culture at nThrive. Keynote speakers, CEO, Joel Hackney and President of Solutions, Sloan Clardy, addressed the topic of innovation, its inherent challenges and how to overcome them. Presentations and break-out sessions were also offered throughout the event to colleagues across all business units within the company, including Solutions, Commercial, IT and nThrive Education & Analytics. The event concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing the outstanding presenters and ideas.

Below are a few of the presentation topics discussed. Click here to see the full list of topics presented at the event.

Building a DevOps culture at nThrive – why failure is awesome!

  • Todd Ward, solutions engineer

How reviewing Revenue Cycle processes can identify areas ripe for innovation

  • Erika Franko, principal, business health

Hi Alexa – Integrating Care Pricer estimate to Alexa with cutting edge technology

  • Kalyan Das, software architect and Thuong Le, vice president, software developmen

We couldn’t be more proud of the innovation showcased at the first annual Technology Day event.  Congratulations to all this year’s winners and presenters. The presentations were shining examples of nThrive’s collaborative and innovative colleagues and teams.  See you next year! 

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