Out of State Medicaid Billing and Recovery – Sign up for Our Webinar

By nThrive | Posted: 06/19/2017

Did you know that millions of dollars are written off every year because health care organizations avoid the complex task of provider enrollment in out of state Medicaid?

Although federal requirements mandate that states pay Medicaid services for beneficiaries absent from the state, those beneficiaries are frequently billed for their out-of-state care. But if that patient is temporarily absent from their state of residence, they are entitled to receive care from a health care provider in another state and have the care paid for by their home state.

On Tuesday, June 20, we are hosting a webinar to explain how nThrive services addresses these issues, along with more, for out of state Medicaid service, and has recovered millions in lost revenue for some health care providers – with minimal effort and investment from them.

Olivia Currin-Britt, CRCR is director of national business strategy for out of state Medicaid and will be the guest speaker. Olivia is going to explain how nThrive collaborates with health systems to:

  • Target planning efforts
  • Fast-track provider enrollment and credentialing
  • Take over the heavy lifting of billing and follow up

Tackling out of state Medicaid costs is doable, if you have the right partner to collaborate with you.