Precyse University DNA and OpenSketch recently exhibited at the 2016 HealthStream Summit

By nThrive | Posted: 12/09/2016

nThrive, a Diamond Sponsor of the event participated in many of the conference benefits. Thomas Ormondroyd, President of Education and Analytics at nThrive and John Just, Vice President of Technical and Custom Solutions at OpenSketch, a division of nThrive, conducted a learning solutions stage demo in the exhibit hall, which gathered a crowd. Additionally, Ormondroyd closed out the conference with a general session on “Building a strong workforce in the community: Wake Forest’s Story about Turning Military Veterans into Healthcare Staff.”

Directly behind the DNA Booth, sat the OpenSketch booth which also had some great traffic during the show, while debuting their “Press Your Luck,” video game. The game was extremely popular and sparked some competition between attendees. Not only did the video game draw a crowd, but so did their onsite demos. About 50 demos were conducted throughout the show! The Healthstream Summit was a great success for the nThrive’s Precyse University DNA and OpenSketch booths.

Precyse University DNA

Precyse University DNA is the next generation of coding, clinical documentation, revenue cycle education and performance management with more than 1,000 courses, assessments, and applications.  Precyse University DNA includes ICD-10 education, but goes well beyond the scope of the previous Precyse University ICD-10 education solution by significantly broadening the types of staff roles supported and variety of revenue cycle content offered.


OpenSketch™ is a full-service education development group capable of helping you reach your learners in ways you’ve never imagined.  OpenSketch offers healthcare organizations the expertise to develop eLearning and competency management solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs.