nThrive Webinar recap: Take a guided tour of Revenue Cycle Analyzer

By nThrive | Posted: 11/25/2019

nThrive Revenue Cycle Analyzer Health Care Webinar

While it is one thing to hear about the power of end-to-end revenue cycle analytics, it is another to see it in action. In our Webinar-on-Demand (WOD) introducing Revenue Cycle Analyzer (RCA), we’ll take you on a guided tour, showing you firsthand how this powerful revenue cycle management technology solution aggregates data across disparate sources, providing broad visibility to monitor overall performance at your health care organization.

By removing the blinders, you’ll experience firsthand the value that comes with having everything you need in one place, including:

  • Accurate, end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) reporting
  • Clear visibility into key metrics
  • Easy-to-use dashboards
  • Single-source monitoring
  • Insight to identify opportunities and interventions

With this level of visibility, it is a short leap to identify root causes within your health care organization’s revenue cycle that may be having a negative impact on your operations, cash and bottom line.

Executive dashboard

In the nThrive WOD demo, our health information management experts take you to the Revenue Cycle Analyzer Executive Dashboard, which gives a high-level summary on how a medical organization is performing across the revenue cycle. In a single view, you’ll see:

  • Cash % of goal
  • Unbilled days
  • Overall financial performance
  • Volumes
  • AR metrics (percent of debit AR > 90 days)
  • Adjustments

Using filters, we also drill down to look at specific areas within your health system, such as outpatient or physician ambulatory businesses.

Identifying areas for improvement

The main goal of Revenue Cycle Analyzer is to help health care organizations identify areas for improvement so teams can intervene, ultimately increasing cash and reducing cost to collect.

In the demo, we show you how you can access the adjustments section to view an even more detailed revenue cycle management dashboard, showing:

  • Total adjustments
  • Bad debt
  • Contractual adjustments
  • Admin adjustments
  • Charity
  • Denials trending over time

With the addition of our Denials Analyzer add-on, which is also demoed during the WOD, we’ll take you even further, getting down to root cause issues via common denial reasons. You’ll see how easy it is to view everything from account details, to claim and line item details, which can be viewed in the analyzer platform or via a “live” view in Microsoft Excel.

In addition to Denials Management assistance, nThrive also offers AR, Contract, Physician, Service Line, Downstream and Market Analyzers as integrated or standalone health information technology solutions.

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Want to learn more about how RCA differs from other EHR decision-support solutions? Curious about whether RCA can interface with any EHR? Wondering how often RCA users can refresh data? For answers to these questions and more, watch our WOD demo here.

To learn more about how your health care organization can benefit by using RCA and other nThrive analytics solutions, email us at solutions@nThrive.com or call (678) 323-2500.