Ignite the future of health care

Our sales and client success teams passionately help clients transform their financial and operational performance, enabling health care for every one in every community.

Our Sales and Client Success Colleagues

All that we are and everything we do begins with our vision, mission, values and approach. Affectionately called our VMVA, it is the organizational DNA that makes nThrive a great place to work.

VMVA in Action

  • Value Based Selling

    ValueSelling is the foundational framework our sales team relies on to understand and meet the needs of clients. It has transformed how we sell, interact and deliver value throughout the sales cycle and is integral to establishing and maintaining strong client relationships. A formula-based sales process, it enables us to standardize how we engage, qualify, advance and close opportunities. Through the ValueSelling continuum, we articulate the power of our solutions, services and company to clients and the market. By better understanding client challenges and requirements, we are able to approach sales in a holistic way.
  • Radical Focus

    Regular check-ins, key results, and, most of all, learning from failures – turning temporary setbacks into a future success -- are all Integral to ValueSelling. Using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) helps us realize big goals in a methodical way, leaving nothing to chance.
  • Patient-to-Payment℠

    Transforming revenue cycle management into a complete Patient-to-Payment solution is what nThrive is all about. Patient-to-Payment is a holistic view of the health care revenue cycle, beginning with access and encompassing the entire patient journey, concluding when an organization is fairly paid for their services.

Sales and Client Success Careers

  • Sales

    Simplifying interactions with our clients and enhancing their experience is our primary focus. This approach drives holistic versus point-solution sales, promoting team–based selling and strategic partnerships with our clients. We align commercial talent with each client, supported by a single sales representative, to ensure these relationships thrive.

  • Client Success

    Our goal is to ensure each client has the best level of support for financial and operational performance, communication and growth. Client Success internally supports tools and delivery teams to ensure metrics are achieved that drive and support client relationships.

  • Sales Strategy & Channel Partnership

    Commercial Strategy & Partnership leads our drive to for holistic sales, with strategic prospecting, channel partnerships and national solutions management experts all integral to success.

  • Commercial Operations & Enablement

    Commercial support for data analysis and reporting, market segmentation, education and training, sales process standardization, and custom client presentation support are provided by our Commercial Operations and Enablement teams.

Sales and Client Success Careers