The new administration and navigating patient convenience in healthcare

patient satisfaction in healthcare

The course of healthcare in our country permanently changed in 2020. Besides the unprecedented virus that crippled healthcare organizations throughout the world, the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president guaranteed that healthcare policy change was on the horizon. This new administration’s focus has been directly influenced by the innovations utilized in response to the […]

“Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar recap: Reopening healthcare during the public health emergency

“If COVID-19 has taught the healthcare industry anything, it is this: Our revenue cycle and our financial operations are wrapped around the care we provide,” said Virginia Gleason, nThrive senior manager, Advisory Services, during the recent Keeping up with COVID-19 webinar, “Re-opening healthcare during the public health emergency.” Gleason recounted the early pandemic timeline, noting that […]

Leveraging education as a key strategy of a solid business plan

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic caused hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country “resource angst” as they scrambled to set colleagues up to work from home, furloughed colleagues in areas where services were halted and tried to find extra hands to help expedite medical billing processes and collections. Here we recap the webinar, “Leveraging education as […]

“Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar recap: Provider life during and post-COVID-19

The U.S. healthcare arena has exhibited incredible flexibility, pivoting its approach to services, care, colleagues, infrastructure and bottom-line financials since February, when the first cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in the Northwest. In the nThrive webinar, “Provider Life During and Post-COVID-19,” leaders from three healthcare systems shared how they have dealt with COVID-19, from preparation […]

“Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar recap: Securing revenue for hospitals and providers in a COVID-19 environment

COVID-19 has been the impetus to new federal and state regulatory requirements, causing hospitals, healthcare organizations and providers to struggle with properly executing medical billing claims for it while questioning the kind of healthcare data analysis they should employ to help secure appropriate reimbursement. In the nThrive webinar, “Securing Revenue for Hospitals and Providers in […]

“Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar recap: Why value-based care will evolve post-COVID-19

In a recent “Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar, Moshe Starkman, nThrive senior director, Value-Based Reimbursements, discussed how the current Coronavirus pandemic is impacting value-based care at hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country, and why it is likely to evolve rapidly to better prepare for future public health crises. “What COVID has done is expose […]

“Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar recap: How RPA can help you accelerate COVID-19 recovery

In the recent “Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), nThrive expert Andrew Woughter discussed how hospitals and healthcare organizations can automate business processes to recover stronger from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. “Social distancing and the shift to remote staff are forcing healthcare industry leaders to rethink how work gets done,” explained […]

“Keeping up with COVID-19” webinar recap: Leveraging physician analytics

As telehealth adoption accelerates due to COVID-19, medical providers are turning to healthcare data analytics to help identify and safely provide effective patient solutions for people at high-risk. In the recent nThrive “Keeping Up With COVID-19” webinar: Leverage Analytics during COVID and Beyond to Improve Physician Practice Profitability,” Kyle Kobe, vice president of Consulting and Analytics […]

Three keys to a top-notch virtual work environment – for COVID-19 and beyond

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has prompted hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country to move to virtualization in key business practices and operate remotely. Most have already adopted some virtualization – telehealth, for example, is successfully providing patient access, care, better patient outcomes and expanded clinical productivity. Private insurance providers are expanding their telehealth coverage […]