The new administration and navigating patient convenience in healthcare

patient satisfaction in healthcare

The course of healthcare in our country permanently changed in 2020. Besides the unprecedented virus that crippled healthcare organizations throughout the world, the election of Joe Biden as the 46th president guaranteed that healthcare policy change was on the horizon. This new administration’s focus has been directly influenced by the innovations utilized in response to the […]

Say yes to chargemaster success

Your healthcare organization’s chargemaster (CDM) is the heartbeat of the revenue cycle, the source of truth that reflects all costs and feeds all billings. It’s also key to successful Price Transparency efforts. Accuracy is essential to promote correct patient bills, optimum revenue and compliance with Medicare rules. But managing the chargemaster engine requires maintenance. Between […]

Three successful employee retention strategies in the revenue cycle

Employee turnover is high in the healthcare arena, and according to one site hosted by FOND, a company that hosts a global employee rewards and recognition SaaS platform, turnover in healthcare is second only to the hospitality industry. It’s a challenge for healthcare organizations to find new employees and retain them for long. nThrive Education […]