Great collections results begin with an automated collections process that accelerates cash flow and builds revenue yield

Dramatically decrease time to overturn in a single system for efficiency and decreased cost to collect

Build a Best Practice Collections Program

Your cash flow does not have to suffer; low overhead costs, a reduction in bad debt and minimal days in accounts receivable are all essential to financial good health. It takes a balance of technology, strategic expertise and services – inhouse or outsourced – to streamline AR processes and accelerate collections. nThrive analyzes the revenue cycle to tackle issues that cause fluctuating AR in order to deliver predictable cash collections. Our solutions exceed the industry:

    • Average 30 percent increase in collector productivity
    • Transparent operations and reporting for real-time performance monitoring
    • Predictable and consistent cash collections for AR accounts
    • Resource optimization to focus in-house staff on high-value accounts
    • Single application to control outstanding receivables

    In this guide, discover the value you can realize with a collections solution that increases revenue and decreases the cost to collect.

    In this guide, you'll learn:

    1. How to simplify and speed up collections process
    2. Solution value, features and functionality
    3. Real health organization successes, from objectives to outcomes
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