The lack of revenue cycle knowledge of a provider’s ancillary department (e.g. Radiology) staff, who typically manage their own revenue cycle functions, represents significant risk for the majority of organizations. Financial risks of overpayments, underpayments, and denials are fairly common in this often overlooked corner of a provider’s financial operations. In addition, a provider’s publicly reported quality scores and related patient loyalty are at stake.

Technology and systems can help mitigate some of this risk, but a majority of the issues in the departmental revenue cycle are due to the lack of clinical department staff competency for performing revenue cycle-related work. Unfortunately, too often ancillary department staff is not adequately trained on processes and leading practices of the revenue cycle or the business of health care.

The nThrive Education Ancillary Department Education Solution is specifically designed to provide essential training to these professionals about their role in the revenue cycle. The content is tailored for busy clinicians and technicians; it is practical, mobile, and relevant to their roles, providing the right amount of information and offers further study if deep understanding is desired.

Our solution offers mobile eLearning courses, on-demand webinars, competency assessments, pre-employment testing, and video games for learner convenience and to match a variety of learning styles. It helps mitigate financial and compliance risk, optimizes patient satisfaction, and cultivates a more resilient revenue cycle.

nThrive’s Ancillary Department Education:

  • Mitigate compliance risk through understanding of rules and regulations
  • Reduce errors and cost through enhanced competency
  • Optimize appropriate reimbursement by ensuring accurate posting and billing

The nThrive solution measures performance and educates across crucial knowledge areas for the improvement of:

  • Revenue Cycle Basics
  • Billing and Reimbursement
  • Prior Authorizations and ABNs
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Clinical Documentation

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