Educating your team members with a “one size fits all” approach to learning content and delivery, as if they have the same knowledge, experience and learning preferences, can waste time, impede employee growth, and cripple key revenue cycle business objectives.

To most effectively raise the capabilities of an individual, and elevate overall team competency, education must be tailored to the individual’s mix of knowledge gaps and strengths. nThrive Education provides a personalized learning experience that assesses a learner’s strengths and weaknesses, and applies targeted education to build new skills and fill knowledge deficiencies.

The nThrive Education Revenue Cycle Solution offers a comprehensive suite of courses, assessments, labs/simulators, and other education applications to turn any revenue cycle professional into a revenue cycle superstar.

How do we personalize education?

Assess: Assess the employee or employment candidate’s competency and capabilities

Target: Utilize analytics and assessments to monitor progress and plan next learning enhancement

Monitor: Utilize analytics and assessments to monitor progress and plan next learning enhancement

Transition: Provide assistance with career paths and transition opportunities by offering education to move them up and where the organization needs them

Enterprise-Wide Revenue Cycle Support

nThrive Education offers the largest library of revenue cycle education in the country and supports all facets of the revenue cycle. We provide a single standardized online education solution for accurate assessment of your workforce capabilities, and less vendors to manage.

Broad capabilities that build and maintain Revenue Cycle competency

Revenue Cycle Education

nThrive Education has educated more than two million health care professionals and has the expertise and experience to help your team members work smarter and achieve their potential.

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