The First 100 Days // A Healthcare Perspective

Date: May 20, 2021 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Join us as industry expert, Moshe Starkman, shares his perspective on the first 100 days of the new administration and how COVID-19 has catapulted the US healthcare market to make impactful changes and why we are quickly headed to a value-based care and reimbursement model.

What's on the agenda:

  • What President Biden's $2T American Jobs Plan means for US healthcare
  • The utilization of telehealth isn’t slowing down in 2021
  • CMS' pausing of several new Alternative Payment Models is prudent, not predictive
  • Why Value-based Care is a viable and necessary “next step”

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The American Hospital Association has already highlighted the new administration’s commitment to funding for the public health workforce, addressing health disparities and the cost of care, as well as the government’s influence over population health management.

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