Analytics is one of the hottest buzzwords in the health care industry today. Although the term may be familiar to most, many don’t have a clear understanding of what it encompasses and the positive role it plays in today’s health care environment.

Many think of analytics only as a dashboard that consolidates critical performance metrics all in one place, making it easy for users to stay constantly updated on the information most important to their business. While this is true, our nThrive Analytics dives even deeper, going beyond dashboard views by seamlessly combining the universe of data with data science and deep data visibility.

nThrive Analytics processes begin at the extract, transform, load (ETL) stage. Our solutions extract, integrate, and aggregate raw data from all data silos from your universe of data. Without the full universe of data, it’s impossible to achieve an accurate picture into the nuts and bolts of your practice or hospital.

Once the ETL process is completed, advanced algorithms are applied to the universe of data to decipher patterns and make predictions.  The applied algorithms scientifically piece together a view of what the data is really saying and pinpoints areas of concern and opportunity.

Our analytics solutions are unique to the industry as they provide deep, multi-level access into a health care organization’s financial, clinical, and revenue cycle operations. Unlike most solutions, nThrive Analytics provides more than just dashboard data visibility. Our solutions allow users to view their organization’s data story through varying levels of depth, from dashboards, Excel spreadsheets and even down to the Structured Query Language (SQL) level. This depth and flexibility transforms your health care data into clear, actionable insights.

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