You’ve known us as MedAssets, Precyse and Equation - now I am excited to announce the unveiling of our new, unified identity, nThrive. Bringing our three companies together under a common name completes our vision of a new kind of revenue cycle management company – one that empowers health care for every one in every community. To get there, we believe today’s health care industry needs a robust breadth of competencies, from Patient-to-Payment℠, to seamlessly coordinate financial and clinical care across the enterprise. For the first time ever, nThrive brings true end-to-end resources to the industry to cover this full spectrum of revenue cycle needs.

Not only have we unveiled our new unified identity, but with it comes our newly combined newsletter. I am excited to introduce The nQuirer, an nThrive publication. Many of you may have known this newsletter formerly as Precyse Source Sparking Healthcare Insights. We look forward to informing you of the latest nThrive news and exciting industry insights.

What does nThrive mean? It’s all about thriving at the highest level, flourishing to the nth degree. In this spirit, we aren’t just talking about making incremental improvements or changes. Our mission is to work side-by-side with clients to transform their financial and operational performance so they are better equipped to care for the communities they serve.

Embodied within nThrive is our VMVA, which stands for our vision, mission, values and approach. While a lot of companies may talk about what they stand for, at nThrive, it is more than just words. It is our DNA. Our vision is represented in our name and it carries through to how we market and provide our solutions to our clients, how we hire and develop talent, and where we invest our resources. This is what drives us to help health care reach the next level.

Unlike the typical “boutique” vendors, consultants or services tied to a payor or provider, we choose to be independent, meaning that we are able to focus on providing solutions that are unbiased and solely aimed at what is best for our clients. Our offering starts by leveraging technology to unify people and processes across the patient-to-payment spectrum, with our experts acting as trusted advisors to help integrate revenue cycle functions across the enterprise. Clients also can call on us for outsourcing to create greater efficiencies, and with analytics, we’re equipped to deliver actionable insights that pinpoint strategic areas for improvement. Just as important, we have the education and training programs that health care organizations need to sustain improvement and be competitive.

Ultimately, our approach produces three very tangible results:

  • First, we help increase revenue capture through a set of technologies and services, ensuring that organizations are fairly paid for the care they provide;
  • Second, we reduce the cost to collect revenue, which reduces operating expenses; and,
  • Third, we accelerate cash flow by improving working capital or reducing aging receivables. We believe all are necessary to help health care create a healthy infrastructure.

As CEO of nThrive, I believe in the power – and the humanity – of helping health care advance.


Joel Hackney, CEO